Join Us for a Nourishing Journey: Breakfast and Learning Sessions for Asylum Seekers and Refugees
21st August 2023
Cost of Living Hub Community Support Project for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Immigrants
2nd September 2023

London Advocacy Cost of Living Community and Wellbeing Hub

Empowering Communities: London Community Foundation – Together for London Grant Approval

We are thrilled to announce that our community-driven initiative has been granted support through the esteemed London Community Foundation’s “Together for London” Programme. This grant is a testament to our shared commitment to addressing the pressing challenges posed by the cost-of-living crisis and its far-reaching impacts on the communities we hold dear.

Programme Details: Our focus is clear: a direct response to the immediate effects of the cost-of-living crisis within our supported communities. To achieve this, we are expanding the scope of our vibrant Community and Wellbeing Hub, which will serve as a beacon of hope, empowerment, and transformation. The core components of our enhanced hub services include:

  1. 1-to-1 Personalized Support: Tailored assistance to address individual challenges and foster personal growth. Please register below.
  2. Hybrid Workshops: Blending in-person and virtual learning experiences to equip participants with vital skills and knowledge. Please register your information to get an update for upcoming workshops
  3. Translation Services: Bridging communication gaps and ensuring accessibility for all members of our diverse community.

Project Timeline: Over the course of the next 6 months starting April 2023, we are committed to executing our vision and bringing about meaningful change. This timeline will encompass the roll-out of services, engaging workshops, and impactful interactions within our hub.

Beneficiary Registration: We invite members of our community to register as beneficiaries of these vital services. Your involvement will play a crucial role in reshaping lives, fostering resilience, and contributing to a stronger, united community.

Creating Positive Impact: The cost-of-living crisis has exacerbated inequalities and hindered progress, particularly for those already facing challenges. Our Community and Wellbeing Hub is designed to counteract these negative effects by providing tangible benefits, including:

  • Personal Growth: Participants will experience personal, social, and economic growth, which will resonate across their families and the wider community.
  • Empowerment: Strengthening individuals’ self-confidence and resilience, empowering them to envision and attain a brighter future.
  • Employment Enhancement: Equipping participants with skills and qualifications that boost their employability and life opportunities.
  • Citizenship and Community: Fostering responsible citizenship, encouraging active participation, and nurturing a sense of contribution within our community.

The Hub’s success extends beyond immediate outcomes; it will leave a lasting legacy, inspiring similar sustainable initiatives in the future.

Together, we will cultivate a more efficient, effective, and empowered community, leading to improved quality of life for all who benefit from our organization’s work.

Join us in this transformative journey as we rise above challenges, empower lives, and shape a stronger, united community for generations to come.

Programme Timeline:

Ongoing: Endless Empowerment

  • With secured funding, our Community and Wellbeing Hub enters a phase of perpetual growth and impact.
    • Regular review and adaptation of services to meet evolving community needs.
    • Exploration of additional funding opportunities to further expand and enhance the hub’s reach.

Note: The success of our Community and Wellbeing Hub hinges on the availability of sustained funding. With the continued support and collaboration with funders, we are determined to ensure the hub’s longevity and its ability to positively transform lives for generations to come. Together, we build a future of empowerment, well-being, and unity.

Location: Our Community Space at Trafalgar Square

Project Registration

Who can apply?

You may be eligible to receive support in the “Cost of Living Community and Wellbeing Hub” project if the following criteria apply:

  • Immigrant Status: Individuals with immigrant status, including dependents, asylum seekers, refugees, visa holders, or those with other approved pathways, are welcome to join our sessions.
  • Specific Benefits: Additionally, individuals receiving certain benefits are encouraged to join our community and benefit from the valuable resources and services offered.
London Advocacy Cost of Living Community and Wellbeing Hub

London Advocacy Cost of Living Community and Wellbeing Hub


To register for the HUB and initial consultation, please provide the following details:

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