Our Services

Our Services

Our services are tailored to ensure operational continuity of our clients through sustainable relationships, awareness of legal and political circumstances and their respective analyses.

Relations with public and private bodies

We devise tailor-made advocacy programmes for our clients and help in their implementation.
We advise our clients on establishing relations with public bodies and effectively managing such relations to establish and maintain an environment favourable for their activities.

Research & Monitoring

We collect data by various means such as digital research, media monitoring or face to face meeting and analyse such data to cater for the existing and future needs of our clients.
Constant and effective legislative and policy monitoring enables us to prepare for our clients’ impact assessments as well as creating various tools such as white papers to influence, where possible, policy making and regulatory processes.

Strategy Consulting and Issues Management

Universal jurisdiction litigation
When all preventive justice mechanisms fail, and all domestic remedies prove futile, we resort to litigation under universal jurisdiction. We design legal and communicative strategies for such litigation cases. We help our clients to understand and use the new opportunities under universal jurisdiction and other restitutive strategies.