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London Advocacy published “A Legal Examination of Recent Extradition Proceedings about Turkish Citizens Abroad.”

London Advocacy is a non-profit company that does advocacy work on human rights education and tries to raise awareness on human rights violations worldwide.

In recent years, actions of transnational repression of authoritarian regimes ramped up. Abuse of the extradition mechanism is one of the tools deployed for this purpose.

Turkey is one of those countries. In so much that since 2016 Turkey has sent at least 1133 extradition requests to 110 countries. Of those, 202 were sent to the United States and 361 to European Union countries.

Although the majority of countries have not referred these requests to their judicial authorities, the United Kingdom is one of the couple of countries which did certify the requests for a judicial proceeding.

LA believes that a report to help victims of the Turkish government’s transnational repression policies and their lawyers is immediately needed. We, therefore, with the help of experts prepared a report that while keeping our scope limited with the extradition matters in the UK, we seek to evaluate whether the extradition of individuals would be legal under the UK and international law; examining whether individuals would have the right to a fair trial and defence and whether they would have any safeguards against torture or ill-treatment.

• Introduction
• What is Extradition
• The UK Statutory Framework
• Relevant Judgments of the UK Courts
• Relevant Judgments of The Courts in Other Jurisdictions
• Relevant Judgments / Opinions of International Courts and Tribunals
• Double Criminality Test on Turkey’s Extradition Requests
• Bars To Extradition Relevant to Turkey’s Extradition Requests
• Turkish Judiciary, Independence, Impartiality and The Right To A Fair Trial
• Conclusion

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