LA Covid19 Response: Briefing on COVID-19 Webinars

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Monthly Awareness​ course
13th January 2021
Succeeding Post COVID-19
13th January 2021

LA Covid19 Response: Briefing on COVID-19 Webinars

Coronavirus protective measures amd treatment. COVID 19 text on surgical mask, medical supplies and medication on green background, top view

COVID-19 has placed enormous health and economic stress on our community organizations and the people they serve. For that reason, LA and its partner organization has committed to host a regular set of community updates via a Zoom webinar as a response to COVID-19. We welcome updates from any community leader—from government agencies and elected offices, businesses, and nonprofits—that can directly help our nonprofit partners since April 2020. 

In these calls, we hope to generate greater awareness of what the responses are looking like and to build stronger networks of actors for the coming weeks. We know that collaboration and partnerships are going to be the bedrock for managing crisis 

These calls are facilitated on a recurring basis; same week day and time. Please email our project manager at with any questions or comments. Zoom information will be provided by an automatic digital link email. 

Effective Communication with Remote Teams” Post COVID-19 

Our communication manager explains how to effectively communicate in a post Covid era using different communication strategies. 

Global governance and Economic Outlook in the Covid era Seminar 

Our expert sets out the global challenges and economic opportunities in 2021 following the Covid-19 crisis in 2020; as the Biden Administration takes office, and the UK leaves the EU. 

Gender Equity, Human Rights & COVID-19 Recovery 

LA and HRS hosted an event to examine gender equity advocacy in UK through a human rights lens in October 2020.