Quality Assurance


Restitution instead of Retaliation: :
LA does not stand for punishing the offenders, but for a return to normalcy. Our consultancy services are designed to secure restitution of both the victims and the offenders.

Gentlemanliness instead of acrimony:
There is a difference between fighting for human rights and fighting human rights offenders. LA believes that human rights offenders also need to be reminded of their obligations. Keeping the gentlemanly communication channels between the victims and the offenders is a must for LA’s communication strategy.
Preventive justice instead of retributive justice:
Both the retributive and restorative justice systems take violation of a right as a standpoint. Retributive justice looks back and tries to punish the offender, whereas restorative justice looks to future and tries to restore the pre-harm situation. LA adopts a preventive justice strategy where harm is prevented before it is done. Even when restoration is aimed, LA looks at that effort as an act of preventing future harm. All LA legal and communications strategies are formulated to maximize the preventive force of any legal or communicative act.
Global effort for local change:
Victims of human rights violations have an inclination towards prioritising their own struggle in their legal or communication strategies. LA looks at any act against oppression anywhere as a building block of a global effort that will bring about change in local conditions.