Our Work


We devise tailor-made advocacy programmes for our clients and help in their implementation.
We advise our clients on establishing relations with public bodies and effectively managing such relations to establish and maintain an environment favourable for their activities.

Petitions and Peaceful Protest

London Advocacy is a distinctive organization championing human rights and justice, but even more important than the organization and its work itself is the wider movement of people who share a passion for human rights advocacy and equality. We want to engage with as many people as possible so that collectively we can make a difference. To find out more about current campaigns, please follow our social media channels. You may also have thoughts of your own that you think we should be campaigning on, or have a story of your own that underlines the need for change. We would love to hear from you You can also make a donation to us through our Donation Page.

Community Work

► Community cohesion and multiculturalism

► Identity, integration and citizenship

► Family, education and youth

► Media, culture and communication

► Human rights and civil liberties

► World cultures and societies

Reports and Academic Studies

London Advocacy (Headquartered in London) has published “A Legal Examination of Recent Extradition Proceedings about Turkish Citizens Abroad.”


► ESOL classes Referrals

► Career advice seminars

► Employability Training

Our Projects

►Global Magnistky Project

►Youth Lawyer Club

►Befriending, social prescribing and volunteering services