Our History

Story of London Advocacy

LA was born out of persecution. It is an established fact that impunity at home, leads to search for justice abroad. Founders of LA are all persecuted lawyers, journalists, academics and activists who have taken four painful but valuable lessons:

Rights are not readily given, they have to be taken; they are not naturally respected, they have to be protected.

Dictators, authoritarian leaders and populists all around the world are able to cooperate and learn from each other, despite their political and ideological differences. It is not only wise, but also a must, for those who are fighting against violations of human rights to come together, think together and work together.
Legal action after persecution, does not undo the persecution. Retaliation does not guarantee restitution. A creative form of preventive justice has to be instituted to prevent harm from being done.
Human rights cases are won or lost at the people’s courts. Lawyers’ courts either follow the decisions of the people’s courts or are irrelevant. A communications strategy has to be an indispensable part of any legal strategy.
These four lessons gave birth to London Advocacy.