About Us

About Us

London Advocacy Group Limited is registered company limited by guarantee in England and Wales. London Advocacy does advocacy work on human rights education and tries to raise awareness on human rights violations worldwide, London Advocacy advises victims of human rights violations on how to fight their cases in courthouses and in the media. With the help of our experts, we provide professional and expert services on public and government relations, strategy consulting and research and monitoring for companies, start-ups and organisations. We help our clients win hearts and minds.

London Advocacy (LA) provides a range of services to support refugees and asylum seekers including journalists, academics, lawyers, artists and intellectuals who are exiled, persecuted or face the risk of persecution in their home countries. London Advocacy is also working to inform and educate the public on issues around human right abuses, immigration and asylum. We are encouraging the public to look differently at refugees and asylum seekers and to see the positive contribution they make to our society.
LA provides also services to companies, NGOs and other organizations which invest in foreign jurisdictions. Our particular interest lies in education institutions which operate in countries with deficiencies in their rule of law and human rights records. We advise our clients on the risks involved in investing in such countries, on corporate strategies to mitigate such risks, and on communication strategies to run successful advocacy and litigation campaigns.

LA is not a law firm. We do not give legal advice. LA employs a network of professionals, lawyers, academics, politicians and journalists to formulate the best possible legal and communication strategies for its clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide economic and social resources to refugees and immigrants, expand rights to transform their’ lives, and more importantly improve public attitudes toward them for the better.
Within the constraint of resources, and subject to any eligibility criteria for a specific service, LA services are available to all refugees, people claiming asylum and vulnerable Communities.
Our work on sector capacity building, refugee integration and education of the general public about refugee issues benefit the whole community by supporting community cohesion. Our work on policy, legislation and advocacy advances human rights and access to employment, education, and combats poverty.
LA's charitable purpose works towards those targets. Through a mixture of fundraising, research, public and educational events along with support from local and international media, LA continues to promote public awareness in the UK and internationally.

Our Vision

Every person settling in foreign land deserves a dignified treatment and a minimum support to live safe and fulfilling his/her lives.

Accountability & Governance

As a social enterprise, good governance and accountability to our stakeholders is essential for London Advocacy Group when delivering its social mission.

We are governed by an independently appointed Board of Trustees who provide expert guidance, drive the long-term vision and protect our reputation and values. Our Trustees ensure the correct procedures and policies are in place to manage the Trust’s resources effectively.

Our Member Organisations and partners support us in a variety of ways including joint working on projects and providing the role of external stakeholder. Our service users may attend Annual General Meetings and play a key role in guiding the direction of the LA’ work.

Day to day operations are the responsibility of the Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team, supported by our staff team. The Senior Leadership Team provides regular updates to the Board of Trustees and Members.

We are in process to be registered Charity where we will be accountable to the Charity Commission in England and Wales, who will approve our charitable objects and monitor our performance against them. We are als
Our safeguards
London Advocacy Group believes that everyone we come into contact with, regardless of age, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. London Advocacy Group will not tolerate abuse and exploitation by staff or associated personnel. Our safeguarding policy address the following areas of safeguarding including child safeguarding, adult safeguarding, and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse. London Advocacy Group commits to addressing safeguarding throughout its work, through the three pillars of prevention, reporting and response.

LA also implements financial safeguarding where its business team provide detailed quarterly financial performance reports to relevant parties.

In addition, LA follow the UK Charity Governance Code. This ensures we keep the social mission and the financial and operational excellence of the organisation heading in an ambitious and achievable direction.