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6th November 2023

Move and Muse: Community Walking and Support Project

Walking Through History in Central LondonDiscover Our Unique Project

Have you heard about our recent “Walking Through History in Central London” project? If not, let us introduce you to this exciting initiative that has been captivating the community over the past three months. Established by London Advocacy and funded by Transport for London & the London Marathon Foundation, this project offers a safe and engaging way to stay active while learning about Britain’s rich history.

Our Popular Tours

Our project has received an overwhelming response, with tickets for our next session selling out in just one day! We are thrilled by the community’s enthusiasm and support. Participants have shared incredibly positive feedback, expressing their enjoyment of the guided walks through historic parts of Central London. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from our tours:

Tour Highlights

First Tour: Piccadilly Circus to Covent Garden

  • Piccadilly Circus: Our journey began in the vibrant atmosphere of London’s Times Square, where we delved into the brief history of Britain’s formation. Did you know “Britain” originates from the ancient Romans’ name for the Britons?
  • Leicester Square and Chinatown: We strolled through Leicester Square and visited the famous Chinatown, capturing memorable photos with the guardian lions.
  • Covent Garden: Our tour concluded at London’s iconic market, Covent Garden, filled with history and culture.

Second Tour: Tower Hill to Bank Square

  • Tower Hill: Starting here, we explored the Roman Wall of Londinium and learned about London’s ancient defence systems.
  • Samuel Pepys’ London: We visited locations mentioned in Pepys’ diaries, uncovering fascinating historical anecdotes.
  • Leadenhall Market: Famous for a scene in Harry Potter, this market added a magical touch to our tour.
  • Bank Square: Our walk ended at this financial hub, offering insights into the city’s economic history.

Third Tour: The British Museum

  • The British Museum: Our most recent session took us to this world-renowned institution.
    • Rosetta Stone: We began with the artifact that unlocked the secrets of ancient civilizations.
    • Artifacts from Anatolia and Ancient Greece: Our guide shared stories of Greek mythology, including tales of Heracles.
    • Egyptian Floor: We concluded by viewing a 5500-year-old mummy, connecting us to ancient Egypt.

Join Us for Future Sessions

If our project intrigues you, stay tuned for updates on upcoming sessions. We release tickets on our Eventbrite website on the second Saturday of every month. Don’t miss your chance to walk through history with us!

For more information and to book your tickets, visit our Eventbrite page. We look forward to exploring history together!