Frequently Asked Questions

1Is London Advocacy a legal firm? Can it provide legal advice?
London Advocacy is not a legal firm. We do not provide legal advice. Although we do have lawyers working in our team, we do prefer mediating between our clients and law firms whenever they need such services. LA is a consultancy firm dedicated on corporate strategies that may include a legal or communications strategy.
2Is LA a non-governmental organization?
No. LA is a consultancy firm. We are a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales. This makes us a non-profit company. But it does not make us an NGO. We do not cater services for the general public. We do provide paid services to our clients.
3Is LA a lobbying company?
No. Whenever our clients need services of a lobbying company or a lobbying professional, we mediate for them, but on our own never engage in lobbying activity. Some of our communications work do lead to advocacy activism, but we are not necessarily an advocacy company trying to convince the media or through them the general public.
4Do LA provide pro bono services?
LA is a non-profit company, but it is not a charity. We canalize our surplus funds to third party charities that are doing work in areas