Global Magnistky Act

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28th January 2021
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28th January 2021

Global Magnistky Act

We are launching a legal campaign called the Human Rights Accountability Project to have prominent abusers of human rights around the World placed on the United Kingdom’s sanction list. This will be a springboard for similar submission in the United States and the European Union.

Our rationale of this project is that many of the victims who have been detained have been subject to torture, solitary confinement, denial of health services and access to counsel, and some have died in custody. Some judges and prosecutors have even been extorting money from those held in custody in return for their release. The UN and Council of Europe bodies, national and international NGOs, and Bar Associations around the world have published credible reports on these human rights violations by officials. Most of the cases, governments offer its officials, such as the prosecutors who send innocent lawyers and others to prison for lengthy sentences in squalid condition, effective immunity. This has meant that it is impossible to bring human rights abusers to justice within the countries or to challenge their actions.  

We think this all needs to stop.

We are working to seek accountability for those responsible for these political prosecutions and detentions which are causing great damage to individuals, their families, and their society. The first step in this process is to push for the sanctioning of those responsible under the United Kingdom’s new Global Human Rights Sanctions Regulations. 

To this end, we work with English human rights barristers to:

 ​i) advise on which human rights violators we should be seeking to be added to the sanctions list;

ii) engage in political lobbying to draw attention to the harm caused by those involved in arbitrary detentions

iii) draft detailed submissions for the individuals identified to be sanctioned; and 

iv) seek to engage with officials of the UK Government to press the case for sanctions. We believe that this work is important to counter the impunity enjoyed by those involved in the unlawful imprisonments and draw international attention to this problem. 

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